Welcome to Ambler Elementary School: A Great Place to Work​

Carlton Lewisby Carlton Lewis, Principal

Ambler Elementary School is indeed a "Great Place to Work!" I am currently serving this strong community school as principal for my 20th year.  We are fortunate to have a staff full of Team Players and we love our jobs!  We are an extended family, we work hard to support each other as well as to teach and encourage our precious children.

I love the phrase, "People do not care how much you know until they know how much you care."  At Ambler Elementary School, we have a staff full of caring adults who love encouraging children to put out their best efforts each day toward striving to reach his or her full potential.  We have a very positive school climate that is conducive to learning, and I am very proud of our academic success here.  The Ambler teachers are very dedicated, talented educators who go the extra mile to do everything they can to give each child the individual attention they need to be successful.  We take a great deal of pride in each of our Ambler staff members—both certified staff and support staff—showing a "Heart for Children" with the pursuit of using each work day as an opportunity to encourage as many children as possible.  Our philosophy is centered on the fact that our children are our greatest gifts and blessings so let's do our very best to make sure each one feels special. 

Our goal this school year is to try and be more empathetic and more compassionate individually and collectively as a TEAM!  We aim to do our very best to move each child forward as much as possible from Day 1 to Day 180 or however long we serve them.  We want to build a strong academic foundation as well as to build strong character as we work to teach our children right from wrong in their early, impressionable years from K4-5th grade.

We are departmentalized in grades 3-5 meaning two teachers work closely together in team teaching the students.  One teacher focuses on the math and science curriculum standards while the other teacher focuses on the ELA and Social Studies curriculum standards.  This has proved successful for our students here at Ambler over many years.​

Lastly, our Ambler family is focused on growing each student into lifelong learners.  We begin each year ready to meet challenges head on with a positive attitude and a smile.  Our goal is for everyone who enters our doors to feel welcomed and to sense our mission of learning and growing our children into successful students.​