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The more you read, the more you know.
The more you know, the smarter you grow.
The smarter you grow, the stronger your voice,
When speaking your mind or making your choice.
Hours: The media center is open from 7:30 am--3:00 pm  
Policies & Procedures
Our philosophy is to provide an environment in which students learn
and enjoy reading,  with an end-result of developing a life-long love of reading.
Circulation Policies
All students check out books for two weeks; however, to prevent loss we encourage our K-1 students to return them weekly. If anyone needs a book longer, it is possible to renew if no one has requested that particular book. 
We DO encourage students to check out Accelerated Reader books.
K-2 students may check out 1 book at a time.
3-5 students may check out 2 books at a time. 
(Students are not limited to once-a-week visits. They may exchange books whenever possible—either before or after school, or with teacher’s permission during the day.
Lost and Overdue Books
We charge no late fines for overdue materials. However, check-out privileges may be limited when books are very late. 
If students move from another Pickens County School to Ambler, we will return books that are owed to that school.
Unfortunately, if a book is lost, we reluctantly ask that you pay to replace it!!!
Books damages will be assessed dependent upon the amount of damage.
Book Care
Since students check out the books, they are responsible. We encourage them to always store books away from pets, and younger children. Food and drinks around books sometimes lead to accidents. Use a bookmark to hold your place. (Free ones are at check-out.)   Turn pages carefully and if a tear does occur, please let us mend it with our special library tape.
Reading is the Key to Everything in Life
---Reading Rocks!!!!

Accelerated Reader Information


Please encourage your child to participate in the Accelerated Reader program.  This is an excellent way to increase your child's reading comprehension.  

You can search for Accelerated Reader books with our online catalog.


Click HERE to connect to the card catalog.


Click on the Catalog tab.

Scroll to the Search Reading Program box and choose Accelerated Reader.

Choose the level and point range you desire, e.g. Reading Level 5.0 to 6.0 or Point Value 1.0 to 1.0.

Enter a keyword, subject, author, or title if desired and click on the appropriate button, or leave the Find field blank and hit Enter.

Click on View All on right-hand side of screen to see the entire list.  Clicking on the individual title gives you more information about the book such as publisher, subjects, and number of pages. Accelerated Reader information is listed near the publication information.

To print the list, click on Booklist Page and then View Booklist. From that screen you can choosePrintable and print the page. To booklist individual titles, click on the booklist icon to the right of the title information until all the books you want are in your booklist. Then View Booklist, choosePrintable, and print the page.


School-wide Reading Program

We want EVERYONE to be involved in our school- wide reading event beginning now. We invite parents, grandparents, teachers, staff members and students to participate. Parents can read to/with students and count THEIR reading as well as the student counting individually. We encourage ALL students to meet  teachers’ goals and join the AR celebration each 9 weeks.


Students getting 100 on their first AR test will receive a treat. Announcements will be made weekly after the first month of school for:

1) Top student in each class  (accuracy at least 80%)

2)Top ten students in the school

*No announcements for Kindergarten or 1st grades until after Christmas.


AR Guidelines For NecklaceTag

Tags are awarded at the end of the year for the top ten students in the school and for each classroom winner.  Applicable prizes will be awarded for the top three students
of the year--(a book, bookstore gift certificate, etc.)

AR Incentives

We will be recognizing students who make gains with their reading through the AR tests and the STAR test.  Special events are planned.

The  AR Celebration will involve a big day at the end of school.    And also, after each nine weeks ends, we will award prizes for points achieved in the Media Center.  We also plan to have smaller celebrations for the first, second and third nine weeks,  such as popcorn and movie, games,  making a craft, or maybe a local field trip.


Governor's Reading Award

Students receive an award for having read 20 books. Documentation must be turned in to claim the award. It is given on Award's Day at the end of the year.


Birthday Book Club

Just a reminder...You may donate $10 to the library which allows your child to choose a book to be placed in the library in his or her name.  A bookplate is placed in the front of the book, and your child is the first to check out the book. We announce the donation during morning announcements.  


The minimum number of books a student MUST read to participate in the AR celebration is 10 in grades 1-2 and 5 in grades 3-5 on student’s reading level with 80% accuracy. Individual goals should reflect a student’s ability-- not just a number that everyone has to reach.