Supply Lists

Ambler Elementary

2017-18 School Supply List


Book bag (no rolling book bags)

*2 packs of colored pencils

*3 packs of Crayons 

*Sharpened Pencils 

*Kid scissors

*4 packs of glue sticks

*White 1 inch 3 ring binder with clear pocket cover 

*Box of tissues 


1st Grade:

*Backpack (no rolling book bags)

*2 Single subject wide-ruled spiral bound notebooks

*Wide-ruled composition book

*2 Packs of Pencils

*2 Boxes of Crayons (24 pack)

*8 to 10 Glue Sticks

*2 Large Erasers

*Fiskar Scissors

*Pencil Box (with name on it)

*Pack of 25-50 Sheet Protectors

*2 boxes Kleenex

*Dry erase markers

*Cardstock (white or multi-colored)


2nd Grade:

*6 Packs of Pencils

*1-24 Pack of Crayons

*1-1 Subject Spiral Notebook (yellow)

*10 Glue Sticks

*Pair of Scissors

*1 Pack of Sheet Protectors

*Colored Markers

*2 Containers of Clorox Wipes

*1 Pack of Index Cards

*1 Pack of Wide-Ruled Notebook Paper

*1 2-inch 3-Ring Binder with Display Front

*3 Boxes of Kleenex

*3 Bottles of Hand Sanitizer

*8 Large Pink Erasers


*Dry Erase Markers

*1 Pack of Multi-Colored Card Stock



3rd Grade:

*2 Packs of Pencils (1 to share)

*1 Pack of Cap Erasers to share

*24 Pack of Crayons

*4 to 6 Glue Sticks to share

*Scissors (The ones used in 2nd grade will be fine.)

*Zippered Pencil Pouch (To be put in rings of Notebook)

*One Pack of 5 Tab Dividers with Pockets

*1 Pack of Wide Rule Notebook Paper to share

*Handheld Pencil Sharpener

*3 Black and White Spotted Composition Books (not spiral)

*1 Red Hard Plastic Folder with brads and pockets

*One 1 1/2 inch Notebook (white or colored with a clear pocket for inserting a cover sheet) see attached directions


Some additional supplies may be needed as the year progresses.


4th Grade:

*Pencils (Wood or Lead; these will need to be replaced throughout the school year)

*Notebook Paper (Also will need to be replaced throughout the school year)

*2 Inch* Three Ring Binder (This will be used for Science, SS, and Math)

*1 Pack of Dividers for 3 Ring Binder

*Pencil Pouch or Box

*3 Composition Style Notebooks (NO SPIRAL and pages should NOT tear out)

*2 PLASTIC Pocket Folders (Homework Folder & Graded Work Folder)

*1 box of Crayons (Colored Pencils or Markers will be fine too)


5th Grade:


*Colored Pencils

*Pack of 4 highlighters

*One Pack of Red Pens

*Hand held pencil sharpener

*Zippered pencil pouch

*Sheet protectors (pack)

*Tab dividers (3 packs or 20 total)

*Wide ruled notebook paper

*2: 2 inch binders  (no trapper keepers, please)

*1: 1 ½ inch binder

*2 no wire composition books

*No rolling book bags, please

*Small pack of hole punch reinforcements

Additional supplies may be required, depending upon your teacher assignment.