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                         “The more that you read, the more things you will know.

                             The more that you learn, the more places you’ll go!”-Dr. Seuss


Student Launchpad Media Center Apps/Resources:

  • Destiny Discover  Destiny Discover-Students use Destiny Discover to search books within our library’s catalog. They are also able to place books on hold through this app. This will ensure that students are next in line to check out the book when it becomes available. 




  • Discus  Discus (Digital Information for South Carolina Users)-This wonderful app helps South Carolina students research and learn new information. Many Ambler students are familiar with the following resources in Discus. Students should click on “Discus Kids” once they are logged in to access these resources:
    • Britannica School Elementary
    • Brain Pop Jr.
    • Magic School Bus
    • TumbleBooks
    • TumbleMath
    • The World Almanac for Kids
    • And many more!!


    Students Launchpad Reading Resources:


  • RAZ Plus  RAZ Plus-Ambler’s Reading Program for K5-5th grade students. This program contains books tailored to your child’s reading level, and it allows them to earn coins once they have listened to books, read books, and passed reading quizzes!
  • Epic  Epic!-This app contains tons of e-books for students to view. This is extremely helpful when they have already read their entire library book, or would like to read some other books that interest them! It even has books with a “Read to Me” option for students who may have difficulties in reading. (This app only works during school hours.)  


  • Tumble Books  TumbleBooks-Located within Discus, this resource also contains e-books for students!


    Hours: The Media Center is currently closed due to Covid-19.  Library as an activity takes place in the classroom during student’s designated activity time. 

    Media Center Mission:

    Our philosophy is to provide an environment in which students learn and enjoy reading, with an end-result of developing a life-long love of reading.

     Circulation Policies:

    All students check out books each week during their scheduled activity time. If anyone needs a book longer, it is possible to renew it if no one has requested that particular book. 

  • K-1 students may check out 1 book at a time.
  • 2-5 students may check out 2 books at a time. 

(Students are not limited to checking out books only once-a-week. They may exchange books whenever possible by placing new books on hold through Destiny Discover.)

Lost and Overdue Books

We charge no late fines for overdue materials; however, check-out privileges may be limited if students do not return their library book each week.

If students move from another Pickens County School to Ambler, we will return books that are owed to that school.

Unfortunately, if a book is lost, we reluctantly ask that you pay to replace it!

Book damages will be assessed dependent upon the amount of damage.

Book Care

Since students check out the books, they are responsible for them. We encourage them to always store books away from pets, and younger children. Never leave library books outside! Food and drinks around books sometimes lead to accidents. Use a bookmark to hold your place. Turn pages carefully and if a tear does occur, please let us mend it with our special library tape.