Visiting Our School


To keep students and staff safe, SDPC requires visitors, volunteers, and vendors to enter through each school’s office and sign in to KeepnTrack.  You will also be asked to show your picture ID to the receptionist, wear your KeepnTrack badge while you are in our schools and sign out of KeepnTrack before you leave. Thank you for your help in following our procedures for safety in all our schools!

If visiting the classroom, parents must make arrangements with the teacher ahead of time.


Children must register at the school in the attendance zone in which they reside and must be registered by their parent/legal guardian. In order to register a child for school, the parent/legal guardian must present the following documents at the time of registration:

• Child’s official birth certificate (not a hospital copy) 
• Child’s South Carolina Immunization Certificate
• Child’s Social Security card (optional)
• Proof of Residence

To establish proof of residence, a parent must have one of the following documents: 

• Electricity Bill 
• Gas Bill 
• Water Bill 
• Cable Television Bill
• Satellite Television Bill 

The bill must be current, must be in the parent/guardian’s name, and must show the service address. Neither residential or cell telephone bills will be accepted.


Enrollment Ages
By September 1, a student must be:        
• 4 years of age for pre-kindergarten programs *
• 5 years of age for kindergarten (compulsory in S.C.)
• 6 years of age for first grade (mandatory in S.C.)
*Special Note: For 4-year-old pre-kindergarten programs, additional requirements (i.e., testing, income verification, etc.) must be met before admission to the program.

SDPC does not charge instructional fees; however, each high school student will pay a class fee of $5.00. The class fee is used for activities such as homecoming, prom, senior events, and graduation expenses. Additionally, fees are necessary for some courses or optional special activities such as school pictures, yearbooks, newspapers, and some career center courses.



1. Keep your hands, feet, and objects to yourselves.

2. Be polite, cooperative, and respectful to all adults and your classmates.

3. Treat your classmates as you would like to be treated.

4. Be responsible by bringing appropriate materials to class.

5. Do your best in everything you do.