State Testing Information

State Testing Information
Posted on 04/19/2017
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SC Ready/SC Pass Schedule 2017

Ambler Elementary School



Thursday, April 20th                                                                                                                           

8:15     ELA 1             Blackston 3rd Grade               

8:15     ELA 2             Clarkson 3rd Grade Chromebook                   


Friday, April 21st                                                                 

8:15     ELA 1             Clarkson 3rd Grade

8:15     ELA 2             Hendricks 3rd Grade Chromebook     


Monday, April 24th                                                  

8:15     ELA 1             Hendricks 3rd Grade              


Tuesday, April 25th                                                  

8:15     Math                Clarkson 3rd Grade                

8:15     ELA 2             Blackston 3rd Grade Chromebook                 


Wednesday, April 26th                                             

8:15     Math                Hendricks 3rd Grade              


Thursday, April 27th                                                

8:15     Math                Blackston 3rd Grade               


Monday, May 1st

8:15     Science            Hiott 4th Grade

8:15     Math                Black 4th Grade Chromebook

9:45     Science            Wilson 4th Grade                                            


Tuesday, May 2nd                                                     

8:15     ELA 1             Black 4th Grade


Wednesday, May 3rd

8:15     ELA 1             Wilson 4th Grade


Thursday, May 4th

8:15     ELA 1             Hiott 4th Grade


Friday, May 5th

8:15     SS                    Wilson 4th Grade

8:15     SS                    Hiott 4th Grade Chromebook

9:30     SS                    Black 4th Grade


Monday, May 8th

8:15     ELA 1             Cheek 5th Grade


Tuesday, May 9th

8:15     ELA 1             Fields 5th Grade

8:15     ELA 2             Black 4th Grade Chromebook



Wednesday, May 10th

8:15     ELA 2             Cheek 5th Grade

8:15     ELA 2             Hiott 4th Grade Chromebook


Thursday, May 11th

8:15     ELA 2             Fields 5th Grade

8:15     ELA 2             Wilson 4th Grade Chromebook


Friday, May 12th

8:15     SS                    Cheek 5th Grade

10:15   SS                    Fields 5th Grade


Monday, May 15th

8:15     Math                Cheek 5th Grade


Tuesday, May 16th

8:15     Math                Fields 5th Grade

8:15     Math                Hiott 4th Grade Chromebook


Wednesday, May 17th

8:15     Math                Wilson 4th Grade


Thursday, May 18th

8:15     Science            Cheek 5th Grade

8:15     Science            Black 4th Grade Chromebook


Friday, May 19th

8:15     Science            Fields 5th Grade