Transportation Information

Morning Procedures

Buses arrive between 7:15 and 7:45 and drop off at the front entrance. They load at the same place in the afternoons. Bus riders are called to exit the building at 1:45. Students should walk quickly and quietly to their bus.

If you have questions regarding bus routes, the bus office number is 397-1100 extension 1173. The Supervisor for the Pickens area is Cynthia Franks.

Car riders should be dropped off in the morning at the front entrance. Students should not be dropped off before 7:30 am since the building remains locked until then. In the afternoon students may be picked up at the same place.

Afternoon Procedures

Afternoon car riders are called after buses have left. They remain in their classrooms until called. The principal or his designee and assistant principal or her designee will call student's names as their ride approaches and tell them to which station they should go to wait. (Station numbers are on the walkway's columns.) When their ride stops, a teacher will assist them by opening and shutting the car door for them.

We have 3 separate lanes as you enter the campus. Two lanes will loop near the tree line and merge into one lane. This will enable us to load multiple cars at a time.